A ‘shocking rally’ is underway, says a technologist called 2020 Market Bottom

It has been a terrible week for the stock market in a terrible year.

Walmart WMT,
Target TGT,
And Tencent HK: 700
Each has reported disappointing results for fueling concerns about rising interest rates and quantitative easing. But, with the exception of Melvin Capital, there were no signs of surrender.

According to Shawn Derby, chief equity strategist at Jefferies, over the past six weeks, equity remittances totaled $ 46 billion, versus $ 91 billion when COVID outbreaks first became apparent. So you can see the reason why the market can’t plumb their depth.

Renowned technologist Tom DeMark, who called for a downturn in 2020 after the advent of Covid, disagrees. The founders of DeMark Analytics – known for advising hedge fund managers such as Paul Tudor Jones and Steven Cohen – told Mark Newton, head of technical strategy at Fundstrat, that key markets are on the verge of reversal.

DeMark’s indicators are designed to predict the turning point, to find the most valuable rice in any direction, which is the opposite.

S&P 500 SPX,
DeMark says it will see another sell-off with a close below 3,863, before raising a “shocking rally” index between 4,400 and 4,500. 10-year BX: TMUBMUSD10Y
Before the peak one should make a higher, and crude oil cl
Will rise to the top in four business days – 7 117.29 per barrel, he predicts – before falling.

The fundamental effect, if he is right, would be that energy and commodity inflation drivers are going to peak, which will put less pressure on inflation.


Friday’s session features the expiration of the main alternative agreement which could add to the instability.

The People’s Bank of China has reduced the mortgage rate in the country from 4.6% to 4.45%.

Juice shop ROST
Retail joins Armageddon, reporting 7% decline in same-store sales. In addition to flagged sales, retailers also pointed to the impact of higher transportation and labor costs.

CAT-Equipment Manufacturer Applied AMAT
The forecast reported worse than the gain and gave a disappointing outlook. Cyber ​​security firm Palo Alto Network PANW
However, the guidelines have been increased for the third time.

According to a Business Insider report, SpaceX has paid $ 250,000 to settle sexual misconduct allegations against its chief executive, Elon Musk. Musk, chief executive of Tesla TSLA
And Twitter is the bidder for TWTR,
Told the publication that the story was a hit tweet, and later tweeted that the allegations were untrue.

President Joe Biden began his tour of Asia by visiting a Samsung electronics factory in South Korea, which has a machine made by Lam LRCX.


US stock futures, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average YM00, point to a strong opening.
Increasing by about 250 points.

Yield of 10-year Treasury BX: TMUBMUSD10Y
Was 2.85%.

Top ticker

The most active stock-market ticker was here till 8 am Eastern.


A programmer teaches his goldfish to pick stock, and then it’s harder to find a good video than to compare the results with the picks of the Reddit Wall Street bet. (There are some oaths.)

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