Borai has appointed Jayant Ganapathi as the director of health care

Plum, an employee health insurance platform, announced Thursday that it has appointed Jayant Ganapathi as director of health care. According to the company’s press release, Jayant will work towards building a nationwide hyperlocal health care network that is easily accessible to Plum customers.

“Jayant has a strong vision for healthcare management, having previously led the Telemedicine and Diagnostics business unit for organizations like Practo, Connect & Hill, and Kickwell. At Plum, he will be instrumental in expanding Plum’s partnership with healthcare ecosystems, including e-pharmacy among clinics, pathology labs and others, ”the company said in a press release on Thursday.

“From a macro perspective, healthcare and insurance have the same problem: affordability and access. In the future, the responsibility for providing end-to-end care to our members rests with the insurance partners – from preventive to primary and tertiary care. The way we look at it. At Plum Hall, we have services like Plum Wellness that provide prevention, Plum Telehealth – our proprietary tele-counseling platform for primary care through Doctor Access and Group Health Insurance for Third Care. We welcome Jayant to Plum, Aiming to develop and bring innovations that are relevant to the healthcare needs of the new age, “said Plum, co-founder and CEO of Abhishek Poddar, in a statement.

“As an insurete, we take the responsibility of being a healthcare partner seriously. We are working towards becoming an overall healthcare partner for all our members and want to be the first port of call for any healthcare emergency. Jayant will play a key role in accelerating our goal of increasing healthcare accessibility by providing healthcare facilities on a single digital platform, ”said Sourav Aurora, co-founder, CTO, and Head of Plum.

According to the Health Insurance Platform, post-epidemic, corporates have realized the urgency of comprehensive healthcare packages that focus on both preventive and curative treatments. According to industry reports, 70 percent of GenZs seek support from their employers for their mental well-being and health protection. Corporates, on the other hand, are willing to offer comprehensive healthcare to attract the right talent and retain them, the company claims.

“Today, healthcare benefits for workers go beyond health insurance or annual health examinations. Corporates are calling for a new era of solutions to build an employee-centered and inclusive work culture on the one hand, and a more inclusive healthcare package on the other. I am excited and proud to be working with Plum as we work together to address the country’s healthcare accessibility challenge, one step at a time, “said Jayant Ganapati, Director, Health Care Plum.

Plum aims to be a company that advises its clients on optimal health and wellness benefits and integrates employee health insurance, including unlimited doctor teleconsultation, weekly wellness programs, discounted medications and health checks.

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