CBI: Beware of wave of sympathy, if BJP challenges Tejaswi to go to court

The BJP in Bihar on Saturday challenged RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav to go to court “with evidence” if he felt that the CBI was acting unfairly against his parents Lalu Prasad and Rabri Devi.

A day after the central agency raided his parents’ residences in Delhi and Patna in a new corruption case, the party wanted to remind Yadav that Prasad’s legal problems began during the “friendly” Congress rule. UPA at the center.

Leader of the Opposition in the State Assembly Yadav is in London. After hearing about his parents’ new quarrel, he published the spleen on Twitter.

“Aye hawa, jakar tum kah do delhi ke darbaro se, na dara hai na darega lalu in sarkaron se” (Go and tell the courtiers of Delhi, oh wind. Deputy CM said.

Although Yadav does not name any party, he seems to have touched a raw nerve for the BJP.

“We understand that Lalu ji is old and sick and wish him a speedy recovery but Tejaswi should remember that his father’s misery started when a friendly UPA was in power,” BJP spokesperson and national general secretary of his OBC front Nikhil Anand said in a statement.

He emphasized that the BJP, which was then in opposition, had played a role in “exposing” the animal feed scandal where Prasad was named and accused as the then Chief Minister of Bihar and was eventually convicted.

“But the first conviction that disqualified Laluji was in 2013 when Congress was in power. Since then, the CBI has been operating in its capacity as an independent body,” Anand stressed.

A BJP spokesperson said Yadav still felt that the central body was doing something unjust, “he must gather evidence and submit it to the relevant court. Hopefully he has not lost faith in the judiciary.”

The latest FIR filed by the CBI in connection with the railway recruitment scandal comes 13 years after Prasad’s tenure as railway minister.

The RJD rank and file is openly alleging that the latest CBI crackdown was “sponsored” by the ruling BJP at the Center.

The Saffron Party, which has shared power with Prasad’s arch-rival Nitish Kumar, seems wary of a “wave of sympathy” that could affect a section of voters in favor of the RJD in the already ups and downs in Bihar.

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