‘Chicken sandwich, leaders enjoying it abroad’: Hardik Patel’s letter bomb blast

Adding to the concerns of the Congress ahead of the Gujarat Assembly elections, influential Patidar leader and acting president of the party’s state unit Hardik Patel resigned from the Grand Old Party on Wednesday. It came just a month after he publicly hit out at the party’s state unit when he compared his position at the party to the feeling of a “forced groom”.

Prior to his resignation, Patel, 28, who joined the Congress in 2019, wrote a scathing letter to party chief Sonia Gandhi, claiming that the Congress had “played the role of a roadblock” on some important issues in the country. “

Hardik Patel gained prominence in 2015 after leading a movement demanding conservation for the Patidar community in the state. In July 2020, he was made the acting president of the Gujarat Congress. Here are 10 sharp attacks on Congress and its leadership in his resignation letter:

  • Patel said that despite his constant efforts to steer the Congress in the right direction, the party continues to work against the interests of the country and society.
  • He said the Congress leadership – both at the state and central levels – had declined to oppose everything in the last three years.
  • Patel said the Congress had played a role in obstructing various issues, including the repeal of Section 370 in the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, Jammu and Kashmir and the implementation of GST. He recently praised the BJP’s position on the same issue.
  • Referring to the defeat of the Congress in the face-to-face vote, Patel said the party has been rejected in almost every state because it has failed to present a basic roadmap to the people.
  • Without naming names, Patel – an apparent mockery of Rahul Gandhi – said that whenever the country faced a crisis or the party needed a strong leadership, the party leaders were “enjoying it abroad”.
  • Hardik said that whenever he met the senior leadership of the Congress, the leaders were more engrossed in what they got on their mobile phones than in listening to the problems of the people of Gujarat.
  • He said that while workers like him were traveling 500-600 kms a day to meet people, the senior leaders of the state unit were busy ensuring that “chicken sandwiches for leaders from Delhi are delivered on time”.
  • Patel accused the Congress of insulting Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and said that the youth of the country have lost faith in the party, so they do not want to be seen as Congress workers or voters.
  • He said that Congress did not refrain from doing anything for the benefit of the people of Gujarat but ridiculed him and his community because he tried to do something good.
  • Patel said that when he joined the Congress, he did not know that “the heart and mind of the Congress leadership is full of such hatred towards our country.”
  • He said that after resigning from Congress, he was sure to get support from his friends, supporters and allies.

Here is the full text of Hardik Patel’s resignation:

Respected Sonia Gandhi ji,

Subject – Resignation from the initial membership of the Indian National Congress

Despite multiple attempts to steer Congress in the right direction, the party continues to work against the interests of my country and our society. So, I would like to draw your attention to some very important issues.

We are in the 21st century and India is the youngest country in the world. The youth of our country want a strong and capable leader. In the last 3 years, I have seen that the Congress party and its leadership at both the central and state levels have been reduced to simply opposing everything, where people are always looking for an alternative that thinks of their future and is capable of taking India forward. Whether it is the Ram temple in Ayodhya, the repeal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the imposition of GST – India has long sought a solution to these issues and the Congress has only acted as a roadblock and has always been an obstacle. When it comes to issues related to India, Gujarat and my Patidar community – the only position of the Congress was to oppose any government. What did the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi do? The Congress today has been rejected in almost every state of India because the party and its leadership have failed to present a basic roadmap to the people.

Lack of importance on all issues is a major problem of the senior leadership of the Congress party. Whenever I met the senior leadership, I always felt that the leaders were not interested in hearing about the problems of the people of Gujarat, but they were more engrossed in what message they got on their mobiles and other such trivial things. Whenever our country has faced challenges and whenever Congress leadership is needed, Congress leaders have gone abroad! Senior leaders behave as if they hate Gujarat and Gujaratis. So how can the Congress in the world expect the people of Gujarat to see them as an alternative to lead our state?

It is unfortunate that workers like us, who travel 500-600 kms a day in our cars to meet people, find that the big leaders of Gujarat Congress are far from the problem of Gujarat but are more focused on ensuring chicken. The sandwiches of the leaders from Delhi were delivered on time! Whenever I went among the youth I was always asked why I was in a group that constantly insulted Gujaratis – be it in business, religion or even politics. Gujaratis will never forget how the Congress party insulted Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. I firmly believe that Congress has shattered the trust that the youth party had for many years and that is why no youth today wants to see us as workers or voters.

You know very well how the leaders of the Gujarat Congress have weakened the party, blurred out many issues of public importance – all for huge personal financial gain. Political thinking may be different but selling our leaders like this for so many years is a betrayal of the people of Gujarat. I feel sad and annoyed at the same time because almost everyone in Gujarat is aware of it.

Those who are active in political and social life must continue to work for the people, but it is almost as if the Congress does not want to do anything good for Gujarat. Even when people like me wanted to do something good for the state, I and my community faced ridicule and contempt. When I joined the Congress I did not know that the heart and mind of the Congress leadership was so full of hatred towards our country India, towards my community and especially towards the youth!

Today I have decided to resign from the initial membership of the party. I am sure that I will get a lot of support for this decision from all my friends, supporters, allies of different movements and the people of Gujarat. Believe that after this step, I will be able to really work positively for the people of our state. I am indebted to the people of Gujarat for their love and affection, and I will continue to work for the good of our country.

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