Clearview AI fined 6.5 million and asked to remove all facial recognition in the UK

Clearview AIK has been fined দ্বারা 7.55 million ($ 9.5 million) by the UK’s Privacy Watchdog for illegally scraping facial images of UK residents from social media and the web. UK residents were also instructed to stop receiving data and to delete any that had already been collected. The UK Information Commissioner John Edwards said in a statement that “the company not only enables the identification of those individuals, but also effectively monitors their behavior and offers it as a commercial service. This is unacceptable,” said UK Information Commissioner John Edwards.

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) launched a joint investigation with Australia in 2020 on Clearview AI and imposed a preliminary fine of 17 17 million ($ 21.4 million) against the company late last year. At the time, the office noted that “Clearview AI Inc.’s database may contain data from a significant number of people in the UK and may be unknowingly collected from publicly available information online, including on social media platforms.”

At the time of issuing a final ban, the ICO noted that worldwide, the company had illegally collected more than 20 billion face images for its database. “Although Clearview AI no longer offers its services to UK companies, the company has customers in other countries, so the company is still using the personal data of UK residents,” it says.

Clearview AI sells an app that can be used to upload a photo of someone, then check its database and try to identify them. The data has been used by thousands of public law enforcement agencies despite the technology being in the legal gray area.

Twitter, Google and YouTube have all sent blockade letters to the company, alleging that it violated their terms of service. Facebook has also demanded that Clearview stop scraping its data. The agency received complaints from privacy groups in Europe and fined Italy € 20 million.

In the United States, ACLU has filed a lawsuit against Clearview for violating Illinois state law. The company recently settled the lawsuit by agreeing to limit the use of its database in Illinois, although it will still provide it to federal agencies and other states.

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