Congress: Sonia Gandhi’s resignation letter reads like Himanta

Hardik Patel left the Congress with a shout, not a push. Rumors have been circulating for weeks about his departure from the party, with the question of his departure being more about ‘why’ than ‘when’.

On Wednesday, Hardik finally sent his resignation letter to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi. Hardik is expected to join the ruling party and contest the forthcoming Gujarat Assembly elections unless there are some last-minute issues. Sources close to Hardik and the BJP told ET that it was only a matter of days before he wore the saffron cap.

As Assam Chief Minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma has leveled allegations against the Congress High Command, Hardik has attacked the Congress leadership, saying, “The importance of top leadership in any matter is a matter of great concern. Whenever I met the top leadership of the party, I felt that the leader’s focus was more on mobile phones and other things than listening to the problems of the people of Gujarat and the problems of the party.

Almost echoing the BJP’s allegations against Rahul Gandhi, Hardik wrote: “Whenever the country was in trouble or the Congress leadership was most needed, our leader was abroad. The behavior of the top leadership is such that they have animosity towards Gujarat and Gujaratis. So how can the people of Gujarat see them as an alternative?

“Every time I went to the youth, everyone said the same thing, ‘Why are you with a group that has only insulted Gujaratis, be it in industry, religion or politics?'” He added.

Hardik lashed out at the Congress, saying “it could be the temple of Lord Ram in Ayodhya, the CAA-NRC issue, removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir or implementation of GST, the country has been waiting for them for a long time and the Congress party has acted as a stumbling block for them.” .

Hardik has been restless for a long time and is also attacking the state leadership. He refrained from attending a three-day meditation camp in Udaipur. However, Congress decided not to act against Hardick in order to deprive him of the opportunity to play the “husband’s victim card” and to obtain mileage from any punitive measures. However, senior state leaders expressed their dissatisfaction with Hardik’s frequent public statements.

This tactic left him in a quandary, forcing Hardik to resign from the party without much benefit from the uproar he had hoped for.

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