Elon Musk, a flight attendant at SpaceX, has been charged with sexual misconduct

SpaceX has paid Elon Musk যৌন 250,000 to settle a sexual misconduct lawsuit against the CEO of a corporate jet flight attendant after he accused the CEO of exposing himself on his mid-flight. Internal Report

According to Internal, The incident happened in 2016 and the company settled in 2018 with an anonymous flight attendant, according to a friend of the flight attendant who was told about the incident at the time but was not bound by any non-disclosure agreement with the company. Kasturi allegedly asked for a “full body massage” and offered to buy a horse for the flight attendant if he could do “more.” Internal He also mentioned that the flight attendant was encouraged to pay out of his own pocket for professional massage training so that he could better serve the mask during the flight.

It was during a massage on a flight to London that Musk allegedly exposed himself and “offered” her. “He touched her thigh and told her he would buy her a horse,” the friend asked to describe the incident. “And he basically tried to bribe her for some kind of sexual advantage.”

The flight attendant reportedly rejected Musk’s progress and later realized that he was being “punished” with less shifts on SpaceX. He reconciled with Musk in 2018 “after a session with a mediator where Musk was in person.” Internal Said

According to reports, Musk answered the question by saying “there was more to this story”, but did not elaborate. “If I had been involved in sexual harassment, it would have been less likely for the first time in my entire 30-year career,” he told the publication.

We contacted SpaceX for comment.

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