Elon Musk is not happy with a meme mocking his newly-discovered attention on Twitter

Elon Musk became defensive on Thursday evening when a meme suggested he might be spending a little more time on Twitter and not having enough time at his electric vehicle company.

“To be clear, I’m spending 5% (but actually) of my time on Twitter acquisitions. It’s not rocket science! ” The Tesla CEO shouted in a tweet attached to a photo of the meme.

The meme shows a woman walking past a couple, confusing a boyfriend and harassing a man’s girlfriend. The woman who walked in the past was Twitter, the other woman she disliked was Tesla, and the confused man was of course Elon Musk.

Musk may feel the need to protect its Twitter acquisition to allay investors’ concerns over the declining share price of Tesla, down 28% when Musk proposed a 14 44 billion acquisition of the social network on April 14.

Since launching its bid to privatize Twitter, Tesla has lost বাজার 285 billion in market capitalization and the total value of the mask has dropped by $ 49 billion.

Musk has added a series of new Tesla milestones to prove that his focus is not diminishing, including his recently opened Giga Texas plant and SpaceX’s Starbase rocket launch site at Boca Chika in Texas.

“Tesla is in my head 24/7,” he added, “so it may seem like the following, but it’s not true.”

The defensive stance comes a day after an article was published by Insider claiming that Musk had revealed himself to a SpaceX flight attendant and offered him sex.

Kasturi called the story a “politically inspired hit piece.”

Lose attention and call for a buyback

Tesla’s price began to plummet when Musk first revealed that he had bought about 10% of the shares on Twitter on April 4.

When he made an official offer to buy Twitter 10 days later, Tesla shares fell 14%, and the day Musk’s buy offer was accepted, Tesla shares fell another 12%.

Mask’s defensive position also comes a day after the Tesla S&P Sustainability ESG index was dropped. Shares of the company fell another 6% on Thursday amid a broader market fall.

Leo Koguan, a Singapore-based billionaire and Tesla’s third-largest private investor, called on Tesla to buy shares on Thursday, indicating that some investors may become volatile about the electric vehicle company’s share price. Tesla never paid cash dividends or bought its shares, instead choosing to reinvest everything in its business to finance further growth.

Koguan One said in a Twitter message Martin Vichake, head of Tesla’s investor relations.

“We, the Tesla Bulls, need more support,” Koguan said TweetPointing to the company’s cash reserves, he tweeted, “Tesla (fully self-driving) can invest in bots and factories when it buys back its undervalued stocks. Some intelligence puzzled analysts.”

KoGuan is over Twitter notes With his full support for Tesla, “Whenever I have cash, I buy Tesla shares and keep them for 2030 or more. Forever.”

This story was originally shown on Fortune.com

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