Horror of Delhi: The bodies of a woman and her two daughters were found in a flat like a gas chamber.

Three members of a family – a 50-year-old woman and her two daughters – were found dead inside a flat in the Basant Bihar area of ​​south-west Delhi on Saturday evening.

All three are suspected of committing suicide, all of whom turned their flat into a “gas chamber” and died of suffocation. Suicide notes recovered from a flat in Posh area reveal horrific plans to end their lives.

At 8.55 pm on Saturday, police received information that flat number 207 of Basant Bihar’s Basant apartment was locked from inside and people inside the house were not responding, a senior police officer said.

Police were able to open the door and found that the gas cylinder in the house was partially open and there was also a suicide note, the officer said.

Going inside the room, it was seen that three bodies were lying on the bed and three small ‘angithis’ were kept. They are believed to have died of suffocation, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-West) Manoj C said.

The deceased were identified as Monju and her daughters Ashika and Anku, police said.

Police found all the doors, windows and ventilators packed in a foil-like substance, apparently to ensure that the smoke did not leave the room and that no one could see inside.

One of the suicide notes had a clear instruction that anyone entering the flat should not light a match as it could catch fire.

“Extremely deadly gas… carbon monoxide inside. It’s combustible. Please open the window, open the fan and ventilate the room. No lights, candles or anything !! Be careful when removing curtains as the room is full of dangerous gases. Don’t breathe, “NDTV quoted the suicide note in English.

Manzoor’s husband died of coronavirus in April last year and since then the family has been in a state of despair and he has been bedridden due to illness, police said.

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