Housr: Providing a break from urban loneliness

Co-Living Hall is designed to give people a new way to live in cities and to escape from urban loneliness, to provide comfort, convenience and a real sense of community living. Housr, a leading name in the Delhi-NCR segment, offers fully equipped and serviced studios / apartments for technology-savvy urban professionals who like to work, network, laugh and be together. “The moment a Hauser enters the residence, you feel a connection, you feel at home. We started our business in 2018 with a center; We now have more than 30 centers across India, “said Deepak Anand, co-founder and CEO, Hauser.

After consolidating the co-living business, Hauser has marked a significant gap in the market over the past few months in terms of supply and affordability of premium serviced apartments in India. They were either out of reach of young people / couples or were not available in the vicinity of important commercial areas.

Even with the availability of such apartments, getting basic uninterrupted services like laundry, daily household and high-speed Wi-Fi from day one was a chore for working couples. So, Hauser Homes offers such benefits before a person enters, also at an affordable price. “Housr has decided to launch this product after creating a niche for itself in the co-living domain. Hauser Homes targets couples, small families and high-income urban professionals who need such private space, “said Anand.

Talking about the epidemic, which was a headline for most businesses, he said, “We’ve seen the catastrophe in the occupation but we’ve survived unprecedented times.” He emphasized that Hauser was always a technology-first entity, and that this allowed him to “predict and plan well for the construction of the right supply pipeline”.

It is also behind Housr’s hyper growth over the last 18-24 months, scaled from three properties to 30+ properties and spread to cities like Gurgaon, Pune and Hyderabad. “As demand began to grow again, we were ready with premium supplies for discerning customers who were looking for healthy and fully managed spaces with a great community vibe. We have maintained our assets at 80% + overall throughout 2021. ”

Housr provides professionally graded sanitation facilities, including no-touch housekeeping; Healthy food prepared in a healthy cloud kitchen by professional chefs; Work from a consistent desk at home; And a gym, cafeteria, and a gaming zone so residents do not have to move out of the property.

“Our goal is to expand to Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune and launch more properties in Delhi, Mumbai, Noida and Bangalore. Together with Housr Coliving (Hub) and Housr Homes, we see 70+ properties and 12,000+ beds by the end of 2022. Although we have adequate reserves at the moment, we are working to increase the capital of the new round of growth, ”added Anand.

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