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What is a mortgage note

What is a mortgage note

A mortgage note is a legal document that, along with a promissory note, describes the terms of the loan agreement between the lender and the borrower. When purchasing a home or other real estate it is signed at the end of the closing process which is used as collateral to secure the loan. Key elements include the principal amount borrowed, the interest rate, the amount of monthly payments and the repayment period of the borrower.

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Mortgage Note Details

The mortgage note document contains several pages that provide all the details of the loan agreement. At the end there is a line for the signature of the borrower and the lender. In some states, a deed of trust will use a termination and there will not be a mortgage note.

The first thing the note does is identify the lender and the borrower. It will also provide the address of the property purchased and secure the loan.

The amount of dollars of money lent next to the note, the principal describes. It further states that the borrower will pay that amount and interest to the lender. The required amount of down payment, if any, is also given.

Debt interest rates are another important factor. This interest rate is paid as an annual rate in percent. If the note is a loan at a reasonable rate, the interest rate will be the initial rate. It will also describe how the rate will adjust in the future.

The loan term is given in months. This is the number of monthly payments that will be made if the note is paid as prescribed Dividing the number by 12 months gives the number of years. So a typical 30-year mortgage will call for 360 payments.

The amount of dollars in each monthly payment is also specified. This will include the principal and interest of all loans. If a portion of the property tax cost and risk insurance on the home has to be included in the monthly payment and the escrow has to be assisted until the tax and insurance premium is due, this amount will also be included here.

Payment date set. The note will give this date on a certain day of each month until the loan is fully repaid. Usually, the payment is monthly. However, sometimes payments will be set to happen bi-monthly. In that case the note will give the date of each payment every month.

The note further states how the payment will be made. Usually, it will be by cash, check or money order. It will also provide an address where the payment will be mailed.

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Rights and Obligatory Obligations

What is a mortgage note

What is a mortgage note

The Promise Note section of this document contains all previous business details. The mortgage note is the part that tells everyone what will happen if the borrower does not repay the loan as described.

The mortgage note will say, for example, how many days after the due date for payment an unpaid amount must be passed before it can be considered late. And if the note is repaid after that date, it will determine the amount of delay that the borrower agrees to pay.

The note also entitles the borrower. For example, the borrower will usually be given the right to repay the loan. The mortgage note will state how this can happen and what, if any, the borrower will have to pay a prepayment penalty if the loan is repaid early.

If the note has a co-signer, the document will describe their obligation. This obligation will consist of each obligation of the primary borrower. That is, the co-signatories also agree that the note has been paid as required.

Finally, the note will inform the borrower that the lender may sell the note in the secondary mortgage market. By signing, the borrower will agree to pay the new holder of the note as the original lender still owns it.

When the completion is completed and all documents are signed, the borrower will receive a copy of the signed mortgage note. Once the last payment is made on the note, the borrower will receive the title at home. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender or the current owner of the note will be able to make the original copy to foreclosure the house and take possession of it.

Bottom line

What is a mortgage note

What is a mortgage note

A mortgage note describes all the terms of the agreement between the borrower and the lender when a home buyer finances to buy a new home. Key components of the Promise Note section include the amount borrowed, the interest rate, the due date, and the dollar amount of each monthly payment. The mortgage note specifically states what will happen if the borrower fails to pay, starting with the delay fee which will be levied up to foreclosure.

Home Buying Tips

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  • It is important that a mortgage note is correct. Borrowers are advised to read their notes carefully before signing, request an explanation of anything obscure and correct any errors immediately.

  • Mortgage rates are more volatile over the long term. Check out SmartAsset’s mortgage rate table to get a better idea of ​​what the market looks like right now.

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