India opposes WTO process with Fisheries Soaps

New Delhi: India has objected to a process followed by the chair of the Fisheries Subsidy Discussion at the World Trade Organization (WTO) where information was gathered from ambassadors of 50 countries on how to achieve possible results through a questionnaire in their personal capacity.

Calling the “lack of credibility” process “seriously flawed”, the heads of the New Delhi delegation told an informal meeting of the WTO that it was not clear how the samples were made, which members were called and the criteria used to select them.

“The lack of transparency in the process cannot lead us anywhere, if it does, it will only create mistrust and confusion. The whole process, therefore, we lack credibility,” India said at a meeting earlier this month, adding that the process was “multilateral”. Troubleshooting settings “.


Colombian Ambassador Santiago Wills is chairing the fish subsidy talks.

India has said that the ambassadors to the WTO in Geneva are not in their personal power but are representatives of their respective governments and therefore their personal views do not matter.

“We are not attending a statistics class, and … a sample can be taken by selecting 50 of my favorite members and drawing something on the screen,” said Brajendra Navneet, India’s ambassador to the WTO.

The New Delhi statement is significant as members of the multilateral body aim to reach an agreement on preventing harmful fisheries subsidies ahead of the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference on June 12-15.

India is pushing for special and discriminatory treatment in the treaty.

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