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Canadian cannabis grower Tilre (TLRY) has expressed interest in buying struggling rivals in November Hexo (HEXO), but Hexo rejected the bid according to a filing. So buy TLRY stock now?


The filing from Hexo was released Monday and was reported by Deep Dive on Tuesday. A portion of the filing details negotiations between the two companies that led to an agreement later in April, which could eventually give Tiller a larger stake in Hexo and help it release its debt. Tiller’s initial proposal in November for a Hexo acquisition seemed to be an early step in that process.

The filing states that Tyler offered to buy Hexo at two to three dollars per share – more than the stock price of Hexo at the time. Hexo, however, “concluded that it represented less than adequate value and rejected Tiller’s offer,” Filing said.

Discussions with Tilray made it difficult to find other Hexor suitors.

Hexo said in the filing that it tapped BMO Capital Markets to act as a financial adviser to help Hexo find “parties who were believed to be interested in a potential transaction”. In December and January, Hexo and BMO followed Tiller’s proposal to try to gauge if any other companies were interested in Hexo. “(H) However, no one appeared,” Filing said.

Hexo also looked at the financing activities available. “There is no adequate financing option
It was identified at the time, “the filing said.

‘Event of default’

Hexo is trying to curb its debt after the cuts, losses and benefits have stopped. Other Canadian marijuana stocks have faced similar problems, after growing too much cannabis and initially expanding too much abroad.

The company recently admitted a “default incident” after failing to meet its debt-linked profit targets. However, Tilray’s agreement to buy that loan prevented Hexo from paying off immediately.

Under the deal, announced in April, Tiller will buy the remaining $ 193 million of Hexo’s convertible debt – or debt that could be converted into stock at a specified time – that was held by a fund linked to HT Investment.

Tilray can convert debt into Hexo stock at 85 Canadian cents per share. Doing so will allow Tyler brands to acquire a significant equity ownership position on HEXO and participate directly in its significant growth opportunities. ” The agreement extends Hexor’s loan term by three years to 2026.

The deal with Hexo is Tilray’s latest deal that seeks to turn itself around with a cannabis operator. Tiller struck up a similar deal last year that could eventually give it a stake in California-based cannabis retailer Medman, which is trying to finance it.

Tilray income

Tiller, in April, said it had earned nine cents per share in the third quarter, compared to expectations of an 8-set per-share loss. Revenue of $ 151.9 million Missed estimate for $ 156.2 million.

However, the company’s net income increased from positive non-operating income, driven by changes in the value of its convertible debt and warrant liability.

Cannabis sales amount to about $ 55 million, 36% of Tiller’s total revenue. Its distribution revenue was $ 62.5 million, accounting for 41% of sales. Tilray’s distribution revenue – driven by CC Pharma, which distributes medical marijuana and pharmaceutical products in some parts of Europe – usually accounts for the largest share of Tilray’s sales.

Pot producers have more banks on Europe’s smaller but growing legal medicine market. Tiller said during his conference call that “any revenue generated by CC Pharma for cannabis counts in our international medical sales.”

In disclosing its earnings, Tiller said its international cannabis revenue was “4,000% higher than the previous year’s quarter.”

TLRY stocks and other marijuana stocks briefly jumped ahead of a House vote on the U.S. Federal Discriminalization Bill, known as the More Act. Law House Clear. But its path to the Senate is unclear.

Stocks of Tyler and other vessels on major U.S. exchanges have declined well over the past year. In Canada, competition, persistent losses and executive missteps have kept stock prices low. The meme-stock frenzy that raised some cannabis names last year has also faded.

Tilray merged with Aphria last year. In December, it bought the Colorado-based Breckenridge Distillery, a move that adds a U.S. presence that includes a craft brewer and hemp-granola maker with an investment in Medmen.

Tyler hopes it can use its proprietary consumer companies in the United States as a carrier to introduce THC cannabis products if they are federally legalized. Some analysts have questioned this approach.

TLRY stock fundamental analysis

Top stock major in revenue growth. But TLRY stock’s EPS rating stands at 68, the 99 best possible. Other Canadian marijuana stocks do not have a profitable rating, as they continue to lose money. EPS rating is a measure of a company’s profit growth.

TLRY stock’s composite rating stands at 32, according to Marketsmith chart analysis. IBD research says investors should focus on stocks with a composite rating of 90 or higher.

Analysts expect Tyler to lose money this fiscal year, which ends in late May. Then in the financial year they are seeing it lose money.

The company’s SMR rating – or sales + margin + equity rating – is a remarkable d. The rating is equivalent to the last three quarters of sales growth, pretax and after-tax profit margins and returns on equity.

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Tilray stock technical analysis

TLRY stock started trading on Nasdaq in July 2018 through an IPO. That IPO was the first from a pure-play cannabis company in a big US exchange.

Shares in the meme-stock frenzy rose 711% last year. But Tilray is still well down from last year. Shares are not in the buy zone, and no new base pattern has been created.

Buy a Tilray Stock?

Tilray is not in the share base or buy range. So TLRY stock is not bought right now.

IBD advises investors to focus on stocks with strong fundamentals that are moving into the buying zone.

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