JP Nadda: Congress is not national or Indian, it is now ‘Bhai-Bahan’ party:

The Congress is neither national nor Indian nor democratic and has become a “brother-vehicle” party, BJP president JP Nadda said on Thursday in a scathing attack on racist parties. Speaking at a seminar on “Threats of dynastic parties to democratic rule”, Nadda said dynastic parties, where the interests of one person reign supreme, lack ideals and are a threat to democracy.

Although the constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of birth, leadership in these parties is decided on the basis of birth and others are ignored, he said, adding that in almost every state the dynasty-driven regional parties and the Congress have come under attack. .

The BJP president has blamed the Congress for the rise of regional parties, accusing the main opposition party of not accommodating regional aspirations while dominating national politics.

He said the BJP believed in “unity in diversity” and gave place to regional aspirations by keeping the center strong.

With the rise of regional parties, the religion of personality became “irresistible and irresistible” among them, overriding ideology and local aspirations, he said.

“The saddest thing is that the Congress is not national or Indian, not democratic. It now stands as a party of ‘brothers and sisters’,” he said, referring to the key role played by Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra. To run the show at their party.

He said the BJP is the only party that maintains internal democracy.

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