Kumi Kapoor’s Inside Track: Modi’s ‘Promotion’ Lesson for Amit Shah;

Amit Shah is considered to be the smartest publicity manager around. Modi নে In the compilation of 20 essays, Shah admits that he has learned business strategies from a master, Narendra Modi. Shah is not for the Gujarat chief minister or the 2014 campaign, but in 1987, when Modi was given the task of campaigning for the BJP in the Ahmedabad municipal corporation elections, he discovered Modi’s success story as an electoral strategist. At that time Congress had influence in Gujarat and all over the country. With about a dozen seats, the BJP was hardly in the running for reckoning and the Janata Dal was the main rival of the Congress. Modi was then the general secretary (organization) and Shah was in charge of the BJP’s Ahmedabad city unit. Against all odds, the BJP won a majority of municipal seats and the mayor’s office that year. During their two long joint visits through Gujarat, Modi has taught Shah many important lessons. One piece of advice that was always with the Shah was that there would be two main candidates in each village from the previous sarpanch election. Whether the winner will be from the Congress or the JD, Modi has made it a point to accept defeat and persuade him to join the BJP. Gujarat has not turned its back on the BJP since the mid-1990s.

Matter of no debate

At the Congress think tank, Acharya Promod Krishnam, a Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra, suggested that if Rahul Gandhi was not interested in becoming the party chief, why not hire Priyanka. Angry Bhadra Dipendra Hooda gestured to Krishnam to shut up. Mallikarjun also appeared on the sword, telling the self-styled spiritual guru that the junior members could not be expected to speak in turn. Later, Bhadra slapped Krishnam in front of several delegates. He angrily accuses her of describing him as her political adviser when no one has given her any such authority. Incidentally, at the Udaipur meeting, the G-23 members were largely silent, perhaps aware that they were outfoxed and outnumbered.

Passport man?

When she died in August 2019, the media rightly praised Sushma Swaraj for revolutionizing the passport application process in India. As Foreign Minister, Swaraj has greatly increased the number of Passport Service Centers across the country. After his death, many testified how helpless passport officers still lined up unnecessarily while Swaraj begged for help in their tweets. So the columnist was shocked to be invited to the premiere of the documentary ‘Passport Man of India’ last month, giving the credit for the passport revolution to NHRC member Gyaneshwar Mule. Mishra had been in the IFS before, but how he inherited the Swaraj is a mystery.

No pool appointment

At an unusual pace, the central government has approved the appointment of Justice Jamshed Pardiwala to the Supreme Court, excluding many others. This led to a rumor in Delhi’s brutal law fraternity that he must have benefited from his Gujarat connection. Indeed, the outspoken and independent judge was never a favorite of the establishment. When he was appointed a judge in the Gujarat High Court, the state government, as the chief minister of Narendra Modi, suspended the appointment for more than a year. Pardiwala’s judicial declarations were often hostile to the ruling party; It was a hindrance to the Jagannath journey, dragging the Gujarat government to manage the epidemic or ordering a retrial of former BJP MP Dinu Solanki, who was later sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. Apparently the Center did not interfere in the recommendations of the Collegium. According to seniority, Pardiwala is expected to serve as chief justice in 2028 for two years and three months. Incidentally, Pardiwala would not be the fourth Percy SC judge, as some have reported, but the sixth; He is preceded by Dinshah Madonna, Sam Varucha, Sam Variava, Saras Kapadia and Rohinton Nariman.

Competitive Hinduism

The battle between Uddhav Thackeray and Devendra Fadnavis has become deeply personal, with both claiming to be true Hindutva champions. At his rally, Thackeray noted that when the Babri Masjid was demolished by “Kar Sebak”, the BJP called the move “unfortunate” and denied responsibility, while Bal Thackeray praised the demolition. The late Promod Mahajan said that the tax collectors who lowered the dome were mostly Marathi speakers, indicating that they were army personnel. He said that when RSS uniforms call for black caps, soldiers always show saffron color. He wondered how Fadnavis could question the army’s decision to ally with the Congress when the BJP once allied with Mehbooba Mufti and is still unable to protect Kashmiri scholars.

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