MedLern and BMJ Publishing Group partner to launch CPD courses for Indians

MedLern and British Medical Journal Publishing Group (BMJ Publishing Group Limited) have partnered for Evidence-Based Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to help nurses stay up to date with the best practices, latest developments and training requirements, as well as empowering nurses to develop their skills. .

“Dedicated training programs, protocol and care checklists and systematic, data-driven quality development programs will have a major positive impact on their productivity and provide better patient outcomes. This professional course will update their medical knowledge for greater social benefits. Digital in healthcare.” Skills are our unique strengths and we are confident that these courses will have a big impact on all healthcare settings as it will also offer nurses who want to turn their skills into a significant edge in this highly influential field, “said Dr. Deepak Sharma, CEO, Medlarn.

MedLern provides a comprehensive education management platform for training and skills development of hospital and healthcare professionals that provides round-the-clock education that can cover continuing education, compliance and many other areas. The BMJ learning courses on the MedLern platform allow nurses to identify learning needs and keep pace with the latest evidence, guidelines and best practices in India, where the demand for highly-skilled and modern nurses has increased during epidemics.

BMJ Learning provides endless medical education for other healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses. It features hundreds of peer-reviewed learning modules in text, video and audio formats on topics relevant to nurses. It covers nursing modules on practical skills, case management, patient assessment, Covid-19, communication skills, case discussion, drug management, mental health.

“BMJ learning is not just an academic exercise, it is a way of gaining knowledge that helps users, in this case nurses directly improve patient care. The knowledge gained through BMJ Learning makes nurses confident which in turn reduces their stress and anxiety levels and at the same time helps them to advance their careers. We have ample evidence that BMJ Learning is an economical and time-saving approach to educating healthcare professionals as well as an effective approach, ”said Prashant Mishra, Managing Director-India and South Asia, BMJ.

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