Navjyot Singh Sidhu: 1988 Road Rage Case: Navjyot Singh Sidhu Seeks Time in SC

Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu went to the Supreme Court on Friday for more than a few weeks to surrender to serve his sentence in the 1988 road rage case.

The Supreme Court on Thursday sentenced Sidhu to one year rigorous imprisonment in the case, saying any “undue sympathy” for an inadequate sentence would further damage the judiciary and erode public confidence in the rule of law. .

Senior lawyer AM Singhvi, appearing for Sidhu, referred the matter before a bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar and said the former cricketer needed a few weeks to surrender.

“He will definitely surrender soon,” Singh told the bench. “We want a few weeks to surrender. This is 34 years later. He wants to organize his medical affairs. ”

A bench comprising Justice JB Pardiwala told Singhvi that a special bench had given its verdict on the matter.

“You can file that application and refer it to the Chief Justice. If the Chief Justice forms that bench today, we will consider it. If that bench is not available, then it has to be formed. A special bench was constituted in this regard, ”the bench observed.

Singhvi said he would try to raise the issue before the chief justice.

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