Outbreak of monkeypox: NCDC takes steps to monitor the spread of the virus in India; From NIV

The National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has instructed states and territories to look for signs of monkeypox-related symptoms and travel history in affected countries. According to the report, suspicious samples will be sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune (NIV) for diagnosis. According to the report, the NCDC advisory has asked the public health authorities for higher suspicion among those present with an otherwise unexplained rash and those who have traveled in the last 21 days to a country that has recently reported a confirmed or suspected case of monkeypox. According to officials, cases need to be segregated into designated healthcare facilities until all wounds have healed and a new layer of skin has formed or the treating physician has decided to end the isolation.

As advised, patients need to report to the District Surveillance Officer of an integrated disease surveillance program. In addition, in case of suspects consisting of fluid from vesicles, blood, saliva etc., laboratory samples should be sent to NIV as per the report.

Monkeypox is a self-limiting viral zoonotic disease that occurs primarily in the tropical rainforests of central and western Africa and is occasionally exported to other regions. Some of the symptoms of viral disease are fever, rash and swollen lymph nodes, which can lead to various medical complications.

Although monkeypox has not been reported in India, health experts believe that with new cases being detected in various countries, the possibility of the disease in India cannot be ruled out. In addition, the cases that have been reported worldwide are due to local infections and travel to African countries. However, the NCDC, and the MoHFW have identified a number of public health measures to begin with when suspicious cases are reported from India.

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