Rajiv Chandrasekhar: Digitization is essential to follow MSMEs

Digitization of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is essential to follow the opportunities presented to the country in the post-Covid world, Union Minister of State for Information Technology Rajiv Chandrasekhar said here on Saturday.

The Union Minister said that the Center was formulating policies and rules and providing incentives to ensure digitization of every participant in the economy in the interest of the country, including MSMEO, which is a significant component.

He said that MSMEs are at the heart of India’s ambition to become a key player in supply chain regiment as well as digital and manufactured products and services for the world.

“Basically, digitizing MSMEs, digitizing your enterprise means you become more efficient than competitors, you create more innovative products and, frankly, you gain more access to the market network than ever before as a non-digitized stand-alone.” There is MSME, “he said.

The Minister was speaking after inaugurating the Smart Manufacturing Competency Center (SMCC) in Ahmedabad, which has been set up by industry body NASSCOM, Ministry of Electronics and IT as well as Government of Gujarat.

“It is imperative for MSMEs to pursue these opportunities before us as a nation, and for that, it is imperative to digitize them,” he said.

Chandrasekhar said the trend in post-Covid world trends towards opportunities, including changes in the supply chain, government initiatives and digitization of consumers, innovation as the future of products and services, and making start-ups “deeply embedded elements of the economy”.

He said that SMCC would be a crucial starting point for achieving this as it would engage MSMEs and manufacturing enterprises with start-up and technology solution providers to provide diversified digital solutions.

He said the center would not only play a matchmaker role in the process but also be a “competent and indeed director of the digitization process of MSMEs.”

“It is Prime Minister Modiji’s goal that the digitization of our economy will make our nation more competitive, create more jobs, more industries, more revenue and GDP. And for that, digitization and DG-enabling of MSMEs is crucial,” he said. .

Chandrasekhar, who is also the Union Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, said the Centre’s start-up initiatives would focus on creating opportunities for youth in Tier-2 and City 3.

He added that the Centre’s data protection bill would ensure that it would not harm the start-up ecosystem and disrupt its business momentum, adding that the bill would be decided with that in mind.

The central government’s “unwavering objective” is to keep the Internet open, secure, trustworthy and accountable, for which rules and regulations for cyber security have been enacted.

“These rules for cyber security are for the benefit of the country and digital citizens. No matter what VPNs are used for criminal activities, operators need to cooperate and create data. This is the only restriction,” said Chandrasekhar.

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