RCP Singh is moving his tongue in JDU

New Delhi: JDU leader and Union Minister RCP Singh on Thursday slammed Jawaharlal Nehru’s choice as the country’s prime minister, claiming he had won the top post despite enjoying little support. In the organization of Congress and that was our “first mistake”.

The former JDU chief’s sharp stance on Nehru is significant because Nitish Kumar, the party’s chief face and Bihar chief minister, is not really known for taking a hard line against India’s first prime minister and has praised him in the past.

Speaking at a seminar on “Threats of Dynastic Political Parties for Democratic Rule” organized by RSS-affiliated Rambhau Malgi Prabodhini, Singh also countered by repeatedly urging the Congress to sacrifice the leaders of the Gandhi family, saying that whatever came should be tolerated. “People like Bhagat Singh have resigned from any position he holds,” he said.

A section of JDU leaders claimed that Singh, the only leader of the Modi government party, had moved closer to the BJP, adding that relations between the two parties were not seemingly smooth even though they were allies in Bihar.

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