Reliance Brands Limited has launched Atlas of Affluence

Reliance Brands Ltd. has published The Voice of Fashion Atlas of Influence (AOA) 2022 Magazine. Launched as an annual digital magazine, AOA will track and lead conversations on Indian fashion, design, crafts and retail. Furthermore, it will isolate the behavior of consumers studied through the luxury prism.

In the case of finance and business studies, wealth is more important than liability. But for a thriving luxury market – which includes aesthetic subtlety, awareness, aspiration, affordability and distinction as well as trend-defining choices – prosperity ensures a new set, says Shefali Basudev, editor, The Voice of Fashion. “Prosperity is a combination of wealth, resources and high disposable income, socio-cultural awareness, self-knowledge and a responsible attitude. This is clearly the emergence of the individual in this white paper, “he added.

Through a specially commissioned study across six Indian cities and markets compiling a list of post-epidemic markets and changing consumer mindsets, AOA 2022 has been published as a book with exclusively commissioned artwork. This study uses graphs during “pre-epidemic” and “post-epidemic” months to determine a comparative matrix. It also helps Indians dispel long-held notions of what prosperity and luxury mean. The research was created over the past few months through scientifically designed consumer research to understand the difference between metro and non-metro between the behavioral concepts behind consumer, brand and consumption. Other sections of this white paper explore the granularity of affluence as a commodity beyond luxury.

According to the AOA, 57% of men claim that their fashion spending has increased. Men’s brand portfolio grew 46% in 2021 compared to 2019 whereas women grew 14%. In addition, 76% of people invest in luxury brands that reflect their style, while 26% still view luxury as a means to an end. Interestingly, 65% of non-metro residents regularly buy luxury on the metro as opposed to 53%.

AOA is a strategy document made in India or for India, those made or marketed here and must have a finger on the pulse of the consumer. Outside of business strategy and numbers there is a series of columns, interviews, ground reports and feature stories on architecture, personal style, South Asian design and global luxury, the emerging market for gold collar customer and beauty. And wellness. This study is a consortium, a melting pot of thematic, relevant, ready-to-use creative and commercial insights.

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