Slipkat gives a rope to Bir Das for his new campaign

Direct to Consumer Slip Solutions brand Slipkat has helped comedian and actor Bir Das launch the Ultima Mattress campaign. The campaign highlights the superior features of the product through a bizarre presentation of how it feels and feels comfortable.

Kabir Siddique, founder and CEO of Slipkat, said: “We are always integrating advanced technology to push the envelope with every product we launch, with the goal of providing unparalleled comfort and good sleep solutions.” “Das is a young Indian – dynamic, prudent and an ideal representation of the value of true comfort. Through this campaign, people will see another aspect of the slave’s life – ‘lying down’ instead of ‘stand-up’, because he really enjoys the experience of relaxation. For slaves, the Ultima Mattress checks all the boxes and we are sure it will be for the rest of the country, “he added.

The preaching begins with the sleeping slave in the igloo. Suddenly, the slave is brought back to reality and he finds himself sleeping in his own bed, on a slipkit ultima mattress. In the second photo, Das is shown relaxing in a massage bed at a luxury spa. Das is seen waking up with his alarm, only to find himself in his bed on the Ultima mattress.

For a slave, seven to eight hours of good sleep is important and having a good mattress is a non-negotiable matter. “SleepyCat has innovative products that actually meet the needs of specific users. Ultima mattresses keep your body four degrees cold. It gives you enough support as we all want, ”he added.

Founded in 2017 by Kabir Siddique, SleepyCat is a sleep solutions company. SleepyCat’s product portfolio includes everything from original mattresses to hybrid latex mattresses. It offers a variety of pillow options suitable for all types of sleepers.

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