The anti-occupation drive in Delhi’s Sultanpuri has been canceled due to unavailability

An anti-occupation operation in the Sultanpuri area of ​​north-west Delhi was canceled on Thursday due to unavailability of adequate police force, civic authorities said. According to an official of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, the operation was scheduled to remove temporary and permanent occupation of roads and government land at Jagdamba Bazar in Sultanpuri.

“The anti-cyclone operation was supposed to be carried out in the Jagdamba market area of ​​Sultanpuri on Thursday but it did not happen due to lack of adequate police force,” the official told PTI. Officials said a siege removal operation had been canceled on Wednesday due to the absence of police in the Sultanpuri fish market area.

In the last one month, three civic organizations have been conducting anti-occupation operations in different parts of the city including Shahinbagh, Jahangirpuri, Madanpur Khaddar, New Friends Colony, Mangolpuri, Rohini, Gokulpuri, Lodhi Colony and Janakpuri. Other. Last month, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation came under attack from several civil rights groups and opposition groups when it bulldozed a structure during an opposition campaign in the violence-ravaged Jahangirpuri area. The drive was stopped after the Supreme Court intervened

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