The Center will take a position in the Delhi High Court on the application for ‘Health and Yoga Science’

The Center has informed the Delhi High Court that it will place its record in a PIL to make ‘Health and Yoga Science’ a compulsory part of the curriculum for the overall development of children.

A bench of acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Sachin Dutt, which at this stage refused to issue notice on the petition, said that no one could claim that it was right for its implementation.

The bench said it was a matter of principle which the government should look into without waiting for a court order.

The petitioner sought a declaration that the right to education, as guaranteed under Article 21A, refers to the “right to a fully integrated equal quality education”. The application sought a directive from the authorities to make ‘Health and Yoga Science’ a compulsory part of the curriculum up to 8th grade to enhance the overall development of children as well as their knowledge, potential and talents; And the full development of their physical and mental capacity in the spirit of the provisions of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009.

Petitioner stated that yoga is a part of the National Curriculum Framework of 2005 and it still exists and will continue till further policy and all schools under RTE will have to follow it.

“This issue should be introduced in the context of holistic development of children. States like Haryana, Gujarat and Rajasthan are doing it. Delhi is doing it but not completely. It has not been institutionalized and I want it to be institutionalized, “he argued.

“The right to health (Article 21) and the right to education (Article 21A) are complementary and complementary. Therefore, in the spirit of Section 29 of the RTE Act, it is the duty of the State to make ‘Health and Yoga Science’ compulsory part of the curriculum up to 8th standard, ”the petition said.

“The right to health guaranteed under Article 21 includes prevention, protection and improvement of health and is a minimum requirement to enable children to live with dignity. It is the responsibility of the state to take appropriate steps to improve the health of citizens, especially children, and to provide the necessary information, guidance, training and supervision in this regard. ” It has added more.

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