The word madrasa should be discontinued, schools should be given modern education:

Opposing the madrassa system for children, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Bishwa Sharma said on Sunday that schools should be given modern education so that students have a choice to do something in the future and religious education could be imparted at home. Entering any religious institution should be at an age where individuals can make their own decisions, he emphasized here.

Speaking at a media conclave organized by the RSS-affiliated weekly Panchajanya and the organizers, Sarma said the children would not be willing to go to the madrasa if they were told they could not become doctors or engineers after studying there and demanded recognition. Going to such religious schools is a violation of human rights.

“Madrasa, let the word end by itself. As long as this madrasa is remembered, children can never be doctors or engineers.

“If you ask when a child is admitted to a madrasa … no child will agree. Children are admitted to a madrasa in violation of human rights,” Sarma said.

After the event, Sarma elaborated on his remarks that the education system in madrasas should be such that they can give students a choice to do something in the future.

“Entering any religious institution should be at an age where they can make their own decisions,” he told reporters.

“I always speak in favor of the non-existence of madrasas where religious education takes precedence over formal education. Every child will be exposed to the knowledge of science, mathematics and other branches of modern education, ‚ÄĚSarma later tweeted.

Speaking on the occasion, Sarma said that every child deserves formal education.

“Teach the Qur’an for hours at home if you want, but in school a child deserves to be taught science and mathematics. Every child needs to be acquainted with knowledge of science, mathematics and other branches of modern education,” the BJP said. Leader Dr.

Sarma made the remarks in response to a question on how madrassas could be improved to provide education so that more professionals could come out of these schools.

When it was mentioned that the students going to the madrasa are gifted because of memorizing the Qur’an, Sarma said, “… if a child going to the madrasa is gifted, it is because of his Hindu tradition … at one time all Muslims were Hindus.”

Sarma said Assam has 36 per cent Muslim population, which is divided into three categories: Indigenous Muslims, whose culture is similar to ours, converted Muslims – we call them native Muslims, they still have Tulsi trees in their backyards and immigrant Muslims who identify themselves as Mia Muslims. .

A number of BJP-ruled state chief ministers – (Haryana) Manohar Lal Khattar, (Himachal Pradesh) Jayaram Tagore, (Goa) Promod Sawant and (Manipur) N Biren Singh – also attended the conclave. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was present at the conference.

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